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Sultangazi Esc Serpil

Sultangazi Esc Serpil

Escort Sultangazi


Greetings, I am Serpil, a small brunette from the Sultangazi escort district, a 26-year-old sexy woman, 1.64 tall, 50KG, black hair, straight chest.

Where am I working? For those who don't know what ATT means, I explain that it is the abbreviation of Emergency Medical Technician who performs the first intervention in an ambulance.

I first noticed the swelling on his genitals when we took a male patient who had fallen ill on the main road by ambulance to transport him to the hospital in the summer of 2019 to have this work done. Pretending to intervene, I decided to do so when I felt the firmness and size of his genitals.

bruna petite sultangazi escort serpil

Actually, my body and face are fine, but in all my relationships so far, after my lovers have been with me a few times, it's over.

When I wanted to get back together, the reason why his genitals weren't as hard and erect as in the first moment always bothered me. I thought it made people feel like she was a great woman to be with as a first impression.

I started this business thinking that this way I could reach people who will come with me for the first time, so that I can find hard and erect sex organs whenever I want.

After a while, I saw that I wasn't wrong. In each of my relationships, I have come across different people, different size but hard penises. But in the process, I realized how insatiable and horny I am as a woman.

For this reason, I engage in sexual intercourse with excessive effort to satisfy both my desires and the expectations of my partners.

Why don't you own the penis I'm about to find out, contact me and get the chance to be with a horse-like woman, so to speak.

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